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Week 12

Fine Arts Week at UP CFA!

Most of the time I spent in UP was in manning our little ceramics exhibit. By then I was so stressed out the mere mention of the words “thesis”, “graduation” and “delibs” had my heart palpitating like I had coffee. 

It got to the point where I could no longer get a good night’s rest because I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis again with accompanied nightmares. Nowadays, I can’t sleep at 3 am without a rosary in hand. 

Because of all the stuff I had to do, I couldn’t really participate as much as I wanted. I couldn’t even go to the UP Fair or really enjoy my last FA week as a student. :(

10 Feb - we had to go to school on a Monday to set up the exhibit. Below is a photo of only some of the works that were on sale. 

11 Feb - A view of the Ceramics Studio entrance.

13 Feb - I was feeling downright horrible yesterday (Feb 12). I really had to get some sleep. I also had to study for my Physics exam, and prepare for the PI 100 report on Friday. Today (Feb 13), there was so much to do: finish pottery plate, man the booth, accompany Iggy and Keb until it was time for them to go to Roots, study for Physics, and make sure our group was ready for the PI 100 report.

Below is a photo of broken bisque-fired works. They were thrown at a wall by some angry people. I can’t count how many I’ve thrown to relieve stress. 

14 Feb - HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! That was one heck of a day! I couldn’t wake up early enough to attend to my shift at the ceramics exhibit. The PI 100 report went as well as it could (not great, but as long as it wasn’t horrible, I am glad). I think I could pass that Physics exam (no results yet!). 

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I spent it with friends: Pepe and JM. We went bowling at the newly-opened wing of SM Megmall. We also had milk tea, and we paid for gelato with a kiss (Thanks, Gelatissimo!). We were supposed to go to Tagaytay, but my mom wouldn’t allow. Instead, we sang our hearts and hugots out at RedBox in Greenbelt from 7pm to 12mn! Even though it wasn’t romantic, I had the best Valentine’s day yet!

PS - I had no idea my boyfriend could bowl. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 11

The week seemed dull because of how busy I was. The more I had to do, the higher the stress levels seemed to rise. 

4 Feb 2013 - Went to UJF with my dear friend Iya. Their campaign was such a huge success that their videos went viral almost overnight. I couldn’t get a better picture because my hands were too full from holding freebies. 

5 Feb - Angry goat. I don’t remember why I was so mad that day. This picture reminds me that I was mad—but then I don’t remember why. Probably one of those “the world hates me” kind of moods. 

6 Feb - Iggy dropped by UP to surprise me after one of his job interviews. We went to UJF, and had merienda with my friends (Iya and Bika) at Chocolate Kiss. I was probably having too much fun to take pictures. This guy really knows how to de-stress me. Anyway, as we were making our way home, I saw what was in the picture and remembered how much I loved the sunset at UP.


7 Feb - I consulted with my thesis adviser, after which I immediately craved for milk tea. So I used all that stress fuel to work on my thesis in a small milk tea shop at Centris (Comebuy). They had buy 1 take 1 milk tea (they were both really good), but I had no one to share it with. Well, more for me! I sat there for what could be 3 hours before I had to go

Week 10

I know I haven’t posted lately, but I have still been taking a photo of each day of my UP life. It’s definitely not glamorous—nor is it much, but I like it.

28 January - doing the least exciting part of thesis. But, hey. I enjoy it!

29 January - Shot the photos for this poster announcing the members of the Comelec team. For those who don’t know, I don’t wear black shirts. My top was grey, and I edited it to look black. 

30 January - Went to Ramon Lee’s (an old, famous Chinese restaurant along Ronquillo street, Binondo-Quiapo area) with Iggy and Niko. We were so hungry, we dug into the fried chicken and pancit as soon as it was served. 

31 January - Chinese New Year. There were no classes today, but I’m posting nonetheless because I got to take a photo of that delicious Ramon Lee’s fried chicken. I’m definitely coming back for more!

Monday, February 3, 2014
A street vendor selling kiat kiat (mandarin oranges) along Ongpin street, watching the dragon dancers from his tablet. 

A street vendor selling kiat kiat (mandarin oranges) along Ongpin street, watching the dragon dancers from his tablet. 

I can’t even take care of a cactus. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Monday, January 27, 2014
Saint Pio Chapel in Libis, Quezon City

Saint Pio Chapel in Libis, Quezon City

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 9

I know you all are probably tired of my weekly postings, but, really, it keeps me going. At the end of the week I feel like it’s all been so dull, and then I look at my new set of pictures and think, “hey, it wasn’t all that bad”. I don’t know if what I have been doing is way to spend my last weeks in one of the places I can call home, but at least I can remember them, right?

20 Jan, Monday - Our ceramics class spent the whole day in the Mariwasa factory somewhere in Batangas. No gadgets were allowed inside, so I couldn’t really take photos of the tile-painting process, nor was I able to take photos of the finished tiles. Songs from the 90s to early 2000s played all day long. I don’t know how I was able to sing along to most of them. Below is the only shot I was able to take the whole day: 

21 Jan, Tuesday - My boyfriend and I went on a food trip to Quiapo, and yet again, we struck gold when we found this hole-in-the-wall store that sold old records (vinyl ones). More on that some other time, because, really, Quiapo is an amazing experience. 

22 Jan, Wednesday - Spent 2 hours in Chowking with my lady friends. We were only supposed to take a quick lunch break before we re-focus on thesis. But then, time flies when you’re with friends.

24 Jan, Friday - I didn’t have any classes last Thursday. However, Friday was a rush of meetings, classes and consultations. On my way to that 5:30 meeting, I was able to snap this photo of the sunset I have grown to love. Back in high school, we were surrounded by buildings. So much so that even though I commuted home, the first time that I really got to see the sunset was when I started studying in UP. I would purposely delay going home just so I could watch the sun set as I was riding the train. I would even choose not to take a seat over missing that sunset.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sometimes I like to believe that the movie Say Anything was largely based on my life.

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