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Sunday, September 28, 2014
I love your artwork! May I ask who has inspired you as an artist? (:

Wow! Thanks! No one in particular, really. But I love love love Disney stuff. However, I consider the world my inspiration. There’s a lot to see, do, and learn from :D

What I value more are my motivations. Without them, I wouldn’t actively seek inspiration or work on them. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014
One of the (too) many notebooks I bound during the habagat. Inside pages are the same as the cover, hence the test drawing. 

It’s bound with gold thread, and has a three-stripe glitter tape design on the cover

Shall I keep this or does someone want an early Christmas gift?

#Notebook #bookbinding #vsco #pastel #gold #sketch

One of the (too) many notebooks I bound during the habagat. Inside pages are the same as the cover, hence the test drawing.

It’s bound with gold thread, and has a three-stripe glitter tape design on the cover

Shall I keep this or does someone want an early Christmas gift?

#Notebook #bookbinding #vsco #pastel #gold #sketch

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Penoy balut penoy

Penoy balut penoy

Fabulous!! ✨✨✨✨ #bts #ahensyalife

Fabulous!! ✨✨✨✨ #bts #ahensyalife

Friday, August 29, 2014
Now let me paint a selfie :D

Now let me paint a selfie :D

Monday, August 4, 2014
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sorry for posting like tweeting because my cousins are on Facebook and Twitter.

but yeah, no. See, I don’t need assurance that you think of me as a cousin because you are my cousin.

Why do my cousins keep calling me “cousin”? 

Seriously, I have a name, and I am aware that I am your cousin.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OK moving on.

Heeey! Did you guys miss my face?

I haven’t been really posted much of anything since Februray. Although I’ve been wanting to, I just don’t know how to really begin (again). 

First off:

A lot of things have happened since February:

1. I finished my thesis!

I wrote a two-page acknowledgement for the bound copy of my thesis. I could not have done it well without my adviser, family, friends, boyfriend and the Lord (because I prayed to the miraculous Nazareno) because this thesis was actually quite big. 

I’ll be uploading it on my Behance account someday (when I’m not busy with all the freelance and employment) BUT! Here’s the online digital copy of the publication. Issuu messed up the cover in the preview. 


That’s just one of the 4 components of my thesis which is a complete user experience guide to the Quiapo Market District. For this I designed a mobile app, a website (horizontal scrolling, yeah!), print material, and promotions!

One day, when I learn to stop procrastinating, I’ll elaborate.

2. Best thesis in Graphic Design!

Our batch held our thesis exhibit Syntheses 2014 at the UP-Ayala Town Center along Katipunan. I was part of the promotions team, and here, I was awarded Best Thesis in Graphic Design. (YAY) So I really hope I get to put up my thesis soon so that none of it goes to waste. :D

3. Graduation!

Pardon my puffy face, I cried while giving my speech. It was slightly embarrassing, but an honor nonetheless. With a lot of guidance from my professors, friends, and family, I finally graduated from college (with bonus Latin honors)! 

4. Employment

And so I entered actual adult life more than a month ago. I now work for a local ad agency, and I’m trying to make the most of it. I don’t really know how all these adult things work (like paying my own bills, credit cards, and finances), but I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

I’ll get the hand of this bunch of cuckoo birds as well:

5. Kuya Boy and Ate Sha’s wedding

Iggy’s parents treated me to a weekend at Naga City (my boyfriend’s hometown), and a lot of things changed for me since then. We were there to celebrate and be part of Kuya Boy and Ate Sha’s wedding. Iggy and I have been together for so many years, it’s eye-opening for me to see this side of him and his family. 

It makes me really re-evaluate my priorities and how I want to live my adult life. 

Now what? Follow me on Twitter? @HelloJanina

Ok. Moving on.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crooks and Explanations

I know I’m pretty much talking to air right now, because if my meager amount of followers actually cared, they’d have asked by now why I discontinued my photo-a-day project despite not having graduated yet.

So, this post is an explanation for the sake of explanations. Plus I’ve got an interesting story to tell.

I started my last semester in UP with a very positive outlook, thinking I could actually document every day of my last semester.  Well, actually, I could have, but circumstance decided against it. 

The week after my last post, was followed by a traumatic event that happened to my sister. One evening, thirty minutes after I got home, my sister was held at knife point right outside our gate as she was just about to ring the doorbell. My sister handled it well with her usual brand of sarcasm, but then she was left with a scar on her knuckles, and one less gadget to worry about—her cellphone.

Later on we found out that thief sold it nearby for only 500 Pesos. If the thief just asked for the money in my sister’s pocket, he would have gotten more, with less of a hassle on our end.

After much effort to find and arrest the sad man, the district police finally found him. He was quickly identified thanks to observant neighbors and nearby CCTV. 

The crook certainly had a sob story. He was a pedicab driver in the nearby market. He took care of his mother, and needed an additional 200-300 Pesos to make ends meet. It was his first time to commit any kind of felony, and it was born of desperation. He was set for trial facing six years in prison. Six years. For stealing a phone, made worse by the knife in his hand. Top that off with an old mother begging you to forgive her son, and you’re left with an anchor in your heart called a conscience. 

Being but a third party observer, the decision still weighed a lot even though I wasn’t the one calling the shots. You feel sorry for the man, his family and his fate because he was probably also just a victim of social injustice brought about by the system we live in.


If we just let him go, we’d have wasted the time, effort and training of the policemen who sorely needed the good reputation. We’d also be sending signals to potential crooks that it’s okay to engage in criminal activity in this area because of the leniency of law enforcement. That, or they’ll think that the victims would just let anybody off the hook as long as they would apologize and give them a good sob story.

The thing is, said crook didn’t just take a cellphone. He took with him this sense of security we used to feel in our neighborhood. For two months my sister could not face the market alone. I began to fear commuting at night, jogging around the neighborhood, and waiting for someone to get the door. My sister even decided to take Taekwondo lessons. 

And so,

because of this neighborhood spectacle (and the dura-dura incident from last December), I became afraid to take my camera with me to school every day. Slowly, I became more and more shy to take pictures. But I’m trying to get back on track :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 12

Fine Arts Week at UP CFA!

Most of the time I spent in UP was in manning our little ceramics exhibit. By then I was so stressed out the mere mention of the words “thesis”, “graduation” and “delibs” had my heart palpitating like I had coffee. 

It got to the point where I could no longer get a good night’s rest because I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis again with accompanied nightmares. Nowadays, I can’t sleep at 3 am without a rosary in hand. 

Because of all the stuff I had to do, I couldn’t really participate as much as I wanted. I couldn’t even go to the UP Fair or really enjoy my last FA week as a student. :(

10 Feb - we had to go to school on a Monday to set up the exhibit. Below is a photo of only some of the works that were on sale. 

11 Feb - A view of the Ceramics Studio entrance.

13 Feb - I was feeling downright horrible yesterday (Feb 12). I really had to get some sleep. I also had to study for my Physics exam, and prepare for the PI 100 report on Friday. Today (Feb 13), there was so much to do: finish pottery plate, man the booth, accompany Iggy and Keb until it was time for them to go to Roots, study for Physics, and make sure our group was ready for the PI 100 report.

Below is a photo of broken bisque-fired works. They were thrown at a wall by some angry people. I can’t count how many I’ve thrown to relieve stress. 

14 Feb - HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! That was one heck of a day! I couldn’t wake up early enough to attend to my shift at the ceramics exhibit. The PI 100 report went as well as it could (not great, but as long as it wasn’t horrible, I am glad). I think I could pass that Physics exam (no results yet!). 

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I spent it with friends: Pepe and JM. We went bowling at the newly-opened wing of SM Megmall. We also had milk tea, and we paid for gelato with a kiss (Thanks, Gelatissimo!). We were supposed to go to Tagaytay, but my mom wouldn’t allow. Instead, we sang our hearts and hugots out at RedBox in Greenbelt from 7pm to 12mn! Even though it wasn’t romantic, I had the best Valentine’s day yet!

PS - I had no idea my boyfriend could bowl. 

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